Melty Makeup Be Gone: Urban Decay All Nighter

10 Jul

It’s getting hot in LA, and from what I hear, this heat is a symptom of summer that has been sweeping the nation. As a sweaty, oily skinned gal who loves to wear makeup, summer can be a tough time for me. When I put on my face, I want it to stay put. I have a whole system that involves primer and setting powder and blotting papers, but the MVP of my lineup is Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This phenomenal spray is handcrafted by poreless, shine-free shamans on an isolated mountaintop. Okay, that might not be true, but there must be some kind of elusive magic at hand here, because this is the setting spray to beat all setting sprays. I’ve tried them. I’ve tossed them. I’ve gone back to All Nighter.

I’ve heard of this being used in different ways: Before foundation, before AND after foundation, with a brush, with a sponge, on a train, in a plane, in the rain… Anyway, I use All Nighter in a classic setting spray fashion by spraying it on my face after all my makeup has been applied. It’s a pretty idiot proof methodology. The instructions on the package tell you to spray in an X and a T formation, which I’ve never even attempted. Just make sure the bottle isn’t right up next to your face (I go for about half an arm’s length away) and spritz all over until you have a thin mist on your whole face. The product should dry in a few seconds, and you’re on your way!

I would recommend, however, that you wait a few minutes after putting on eye makeup before applying this setting spray. I’ve been in a rush and tried to set my makeup immediately after applying mascara, and I’ve ended up with raccoon eyes. Let your makeup set before you set it, you know what I mean?

All Nighter Setting Spray comes in a 4oz bottle for $30, but I’ve found that the cheaper 1oz version isn’t just a trial or travel size – it’s convenient but also perfectly suitable for your everyday makeup routine. I keep meaning to buy a large bottle, but I’ve ended up buying at least three of the smaller ones. Not the most economical choice in the long run, but the small bottle is just so handy I can’t resist. No matter what size you get, this setting spray is the Holy Grail of makeup preservation. It magically prevents melting makeup and keeps you looking glam through just about anything. Get yourself a bottle, give it a spritz, and feel free to go out there and punch today in the face, because your concealer isn’t going anywhere.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: $14 for 1oz, $30 for 4oz


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