Midi Rings For The Rest of Us (With Fat Fingers)

15 Jul

I have what I like to call child hands. I look like an adult, my hands are the size of an adult’s, but my mitts look like those of a chubby little child. It has always been this way, and I believe this is how it will always be. I get jealous of other people’s long dainty fingers and slender wrists, but only in the sense that I envy their jewelry options. So often I can’t find rings that fit on my fingers, and this is particularly true of the midi ring trend that has been taunting me for the past 18 months of so. Until the other week when I realized there was a simple solution to my problem.

Midi Ring Hack for Chubby Digits

Midi rings that are sold as such fit on my littlest finger, maybe. But it was in Forever 21, browsing the jewelry and I realized that I could just buy regular dainty rings, but in smaller sizes (the kind that would never fit on my fingers), and I’d have my own version of midi rings. You can’t even imagine the joy I felt when I realized this, and how much of a genius I thought I was.Midi Ring Hack for Chubby Digits

I can finally take part in a fashion trend that I like, but thought was lost to me forever. Plus, in the case of my Forever 21 purchases, these rings are ridiculously cheap. The infinity ring (I got a size 6) was $2.80, and the ampersand (size 7) was $1.80. That’s a pretty small investment to make in something that’s 1) A trend with a potentially limited lifespan, and 2) A fashion experiment that may fail horribly. As it happens, I’m completely happy with my unconventionally sized midi rings. In fact, I have my eye on a few other options (like this looker) to expand my collection.

Now, my fellow fat fingered fashionistas! Get shopping! Here are the deets on what I’m wearing in the above photos:

Left Hand

Forever 21 Ampersand Ring (I can’t find it online, but it was in the store as of two weeks ago!)

Frank Gehry for Tiffany Torque Micro Ring (No longer sold, but you can read my post on it here)

Right Hand

Enormous Turquoise (the color, not the stone) Ring, bought at Melrose Trading Post (I legitimately believe this belonged to a drag queen. It barely fits on my pointer finger, which, as I’ve said, is fat.)

Forever 21 Infinity Ring (Finally! Something I can link to!)

Nail Polish is Essie Chills & Thrills (Review Here)


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