Set It, And Don’t Sweat It

24 Jul


Time for another installment of my Summer Makeup Savers Series. That is in no way an official title. Or something I planned before two seconds ago when I wrote that sentence. It just so happens that I am a makeup lover as well as a super sweater, and I have a lot of opinions (and experience) on the best way to keep yourself looking hot as hell whilst it’s hot as hell.

Today’s topic: Setting powder. There are many different types of setting powder, and there are many schools of thought on how to use them. I don’t like to carry around makeup with me throughout the day (besides having, on average, seven lip products in my bag at all times), so I like to set my makeup with a sheer loose setting powder when I put on my makeup, then use blotting papers as needed when I’m out and about. My setting powder of choice is e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder. Not only is this a great product, it is SO. STINKIN’. CHEAP. For what you get, it’s an incredible value. I find e.l.f. products can be a bit hit or miss, but their loose setting powder is a slam drunk/home run/other sports analogy that means PERFECT.

I’ve seen e.l.f.’s powder mentioned as a MUFE dupe, and while I can’t speak to that directly, I can tell you that I think this powder could pass a blind test against many from prestige brands. I wish there was a less cringeworthy word than “finely milled” to use when describing this powder, but I can’t think of one. “The powder pellets are very small”? Nope. “It doesn’t look clumpy on your face”? Nope. I could play this game all day, but it seems as though “finely milled” may be the winner. Darn. So this powder applies like a dream, and it not only sets your makeup, but gives your skin that much-coveted, even in HD you look perfect look. Sometimes I use BareMinerals Mineral Veil as a setting powder, but I always return to e.l.f.’s, because it’s just that good.

DSC_0023The powder is loose, and comes with a little puff to apply. I skip this, because I personally hate those little puffs. BUT! I keep it in the back of my makeup drawer so that I can put it back in the package when I’m traveling so the powder doesn’t end up dispensing all over the lid, and then all over me when I open it up. For application, I like to use a huge, fluffy powder brush, and I gently sweep a thin layer of powder all over my face. I’m currently using a brush that’s also from e.l.f., the Studio Complexion Brush. It’s actually a good brush, and even if it were only okay, it’s also SO CHEAP. I’m slowly trying to invest in slightly higher end brushes, but for now the few e.l.f. brushes I have left in my collection are doing a great job.

To recap: Not only is e.l.f.’s setting powder on par with those from prestige brands, it’s cheaper than lunch at Chipotle, and you can get it easily at Target. That’s a win-win-win right there, folks.

e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder: $6

e.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush: $3


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