What’s Old is Leather Again. Wait… What?

7 Aug

Color Tattoo Leather

I first discovered Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow a few years ago (just over two years ago actually. I wrote a review of it here), and when I set out to get a pot of this supposedly awesome stuff, I was set on the shade Tough as Taupe. It was sold out everywhere I looked, and when I looked at a few other shades I thought, “Well, this Bad to the Bronze one doesn’t look like it sucks. I’ll get this instead.”

Flash forward to two years later. What eyeshadow do I wear practically every single day? Bad to the Bronze. And in case you’re wondering, I did finally find Tough as Taupe, and while I still think it’s a lovely shade, I hardly ever wear it. Bad to the Bronze is just so completely perfect for someone like me who isn’t into spending a million hours each morning creating a perfect eyeshadow look, but who wants to perk up their ghostly pallor with something a little extra.

I love Bad to the Bronze so much that I check the Color Tattoo selection every time I’m in a store that stocks it. I guess I keep thinking they’re release Bad to the Bronze 2? I go to Target once a week, and I check EVERY. TIME. It’s a weird quirk! Or obsessive behavior that I should see a medical professional about! The point is, there’s never really anything new. There was a line of Color Tattoo Loose Powder Pigments, to which I said, “WHO has the PATIENCE for LOOSE F’ING PIGMENTS?!?!” Then there were the metallics, of which I like the shade Inked in Pink, but I wear it about as often as Tough as Taupe. A few weeks ago I saw that there was a new line in town, Leather. If asked what I wanted my eyelids to look like, my answer would undoubtedly be, “Anything but leather.” So it’s safe to say that I thought this was an idiotic idea. I kept seeing it though, and thinking about how much I love my Bad to the Bronze, and an Ulta sale came around and I gave in and grabbed a pot in the shade Creamy Beige.

I was really excited to try this new shadow, even though the whole leather thing made me apprehensive. I applied it, gave myself a good hard look in the mirror, and exclaimed, “It’s not even leath-uh!”

I’ve really, really been liking this shadow (despite still thinking calling eyeshadow “leather” was a really poor choice). I realized why pretty quickly: It’s basically just a matte Bad to the Bronze. If you had a container of Creamy Beige and you put some shimmery glitteries in there, you’d get Bad to the Bronze. I have proved it with SCIENCE… And the photo at the top of this post.

On days when I want to pop on a little eyeshadow, but want a super basic, matte look, I reach for this decidedly non-leather looking shade. (When I want to get a little wild, but keep things matte, I like to add Faint from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette to the crease/outer corner and blend.) Like all Color Tattoo Eyeshadows it glides on easily with only a clean fingertip needed for application. It has staying power like you wouldn’t believe, it’s super affordable, and you can get it at just about any drugstore makeup retailer. I’ve loved these little pots since day one, I’m thrilled that there’s another color that I can reach for just as much as my OG shade, and I’ll hopefully still have more to rave about in another two years.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Leather Eyeshadow: $6


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