Wear, Watch, Want #1

9 Aug

I wrote a very weird intro to this post, in which I pretended that you, dear reader, were either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen and had just returned from spending a week with John Stamos in Disney World. Look, sometimes I write these things late at night. Sometimes I ramble and things get away from me (by things I mean sanity). If you only KNEW the things I write for this blog and edit out… Oooh oooh ooooooooh BOY.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make, but later realized I spent 200 words NOT making, was that there is a new feature that’s going to be going up every Saturday. That’s right! Now you can enjoy the musings of a potentially insane wordsmith like myself on Tuesday, Thursday, AND SATURDAY! My new venture is a little something I like to call Wear, Watch, Want. I’m going to quickly (I say I’m going to say something quickly and everyone who’s ever spoken to me just laughs) tell you about something I’ve been wearing this week, something I’ve been watching, and something I’ve been wanting. Now that I’ve basically just explained what three words mean, let’s get right into the inaugural Wear, Watch, Want! WOO HOO!!!


Wear: Triangular Deco Earrings from H&M

I bought these earrings a month or two ago and I’ve been wearing them a couple times a week ever since. They’re the perfect size: Not doorknocker huge, but not so dainty that you think, “Why bother?” They go with just about anything, and they can add some interest to an outfit without completely overpowering it. And at $4, they’re a complete bargain to boot.

Watch: Outlander

I’ve spoken before about how I’m a huge fan of the Outlander series, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the TV adaptation for over a year. In fact, I tracked down the moment I first found out it was happening. As you can see, I was so excited I was unable to form words.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.58.40 PM


I have been stalking this TV show since June 26th of last year. And now it’s finally here!  I know I cheated a little since this isn’t something I’ve been watching this week, but it has been something I’ve been anticipating watching all week (and since June 2013), and the wait is finally over TONIGHT.

Want: Lorac The Skinny Eyeshadow Palette in Nude

This Lorac palette is currently a white whale for beauty addicts across the country. It was in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and sold out in about 15 seconds. I shopped the sale the morning it was available early to all Nordstrom Card holders and even then, I only saw the navy version, and didn’t even know there WAS a nude until after it was sold out. At one point I looked for it online and saw that it was backordered, and I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t try to buy it then, because now it’s not even available for order at all on the three sites that sold it (Nordstrom, Zappos, and Lorac). To anyone who got this gorgeous palette, which features 7 beautiful Lorac eyeshadows and cost only $15 (ONLY $15!!!!), I hope you realize each and every moment how lucky you are. I have to go sob in the corner now….


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