Never Miss a Super-Important Tweet Again

14 Aug

Jackery Universal Charger

I, like many people I know, panic if I am not attached to a working smartphone at all times. I use my iPhone 5s for everything: Photography, email, music, taking notes, playing games, and sometimes, SOMETIMES, even for talking to people. All of this constant use can drain a phone battery in the swipe of a finger, even with obsessive background app closing (I’m an obsessive background app closer. I double click that home button more often than I do most things). If my phone battery is even at 40% I panic, so I decided it was time to get an external battery charger for juicing my phone on the go.

I chose Jackery’s Bar charger because it had great reviews on Amazon, provided a decent amount of charge before needing charging itself, and was completely affordable. Amazon has great deals on Jackery chargers, which normally retail for $70-$130. I bought the mid-range charger for $30, and the list price is $90. There’s a mini version and a larger version, plus some other models like a charging case, all available on Amazon in a variety of colors at supremely discounted prices.Jackery Universal ChargerI’ve had my Jackery Bar for a few months now and I don’t really know how I was living without it all this time. It’s so easy to use, and it has saved me from having no-phone panic on many occasions. I primarily use it as a phone charger, but the great thing about the Jackery chargers is that they’re universal – as long as your device charges with a USB cable, it can be charged with a Jackery. As a perfectly worded Amazon review states, “Jackery is agnostic! Jackery don’t care!” I purchased an Apple certified USB to lightning cable from Amazon Basics to connect my phone to the Jackery. I got a 4in one, since I planned to use the Jackery to charge my phone while it was in my bag and didn’t want a lot of cable swingin’ around. The Jackery comes with a cord to charge the charger, but not to connect to any devices, so if you need an extra cable I’d suggest purchasing them at the same time. The Jackery charger connects to any USB adapter, so for me that means just using an iPhone wall charger with the Jackery cable.

The Jackery seems to hold about 2-3 full iPhone 5s charges, just as advertised. The bar has three blue lights on the side that give you an idea of how much charge is left. They turn off as the charge is used up, and then turn back on as the charger regains power again as you charge it. You can even charge your device while the Jackery itself is charging, which is not something I’ve ever actually needed to do, but I’m happy to have that as an option. You never know, right? Jackery Universal Charger

There are very few things I recommend on this site that I think everyone should own. It’s more like things that may work for you, or may solve a particular problem that an individual may have. An external phone battery/charger is something I can honestly say I think everyone should have. Particularly when they’re as affordable as a Jackery charger. I’d much rather have one and use it sporadically than desperately wish I had one in an emergency. This charger is one of the best investments I’ve made in quite a long time – the peace of mind it provides alone is worth $30. Actually, it’s worth $300, but this little charge bar is quite a bargain.

Jackery Bar Premium Battery Pack: $30

Amazon Basics USB to Lightning Cable: $13

iPhone Case by Rifle Paper Co. Bought at Anthropologie, No Longer Available.


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