Wear, Watch, Want #3: The Comfy Teenage Ampersand Edition

23 Aug


Wear: Mossimo Perfect Fit Longsleeve V-Neck Tee

I love a good tee. I have strict standards for what makes a good tee, so when I find one that fits my criteria, I fall for it hard. I bought this super soft, comfy tee at Target without even trying it on (it’s so easy to return to Target that sometimes trying on just seems unnecessary), and once I got home and put it on I was IN LOVE. This week on my Target run I picked up another, because in the week that I owned this tee I wore it four times. I have the pictured dark turquoise color, and now I have the black too. It’s so perfect for throwing on with leggings or jeans or ANYTHING, and you’ll be cozy and comfortable and even a little bit fashionable. Plus, one of these perfect tees will only set you back $15. Now that I’ve written this I think I need two more. Seriously. It’s that good.

Watch: My Mad Fat Diary

I already told you to watch My Mad Fat Diary in my post about distractions. But I recently finished the second season and I need to tell you again: WATCH. THIS. SHOW. Series 2 was finished at the end of March, and I was watching it in real time, until the second episode. Then I had to take a break that lasted until this week. No spoilers, but there was an event at the end of that episode that utterly destroyed me, and I couldn’t watch for a few months. It’s rare that I feel so strongly for a character and what they’re going through that I just have to quit for a minute, but that is how much I love Rae Earl, and My Mad Fat Diary in general. If you love My So-Called Life, I cannot recommend My Mad Fat Diary enough. But comparing it to MSCL isn’t even fair to My Mad Fat Diary, because it stands on its own as an amazing, true, sometimes so-heartbreaking-you-have-to-quit-for-a-minute, depiction of the teenage experience. Oh, and in case your heart breaks into a million pieces for Rae at the end of episode 2.02, let me tell you, I cried during the season finale because I was so, so happy for her. So there, there, everything will be ok. (Also, I am purposely not going to discuss the planned MTV remake because I CANNOT.)

Want: & Other Stories

For those of you reading in the US, you may not know that H&M is actually part of the H&M Group, a retail group that presides over SIX different stores. If you live in Sweden, or many other European countries, you’re probably like, “DUH.” But I don’t think many Americans are aware of the H&M Empire, so let me tell you: We are seriously missing out. I have been known to stalk the websites of COS, or Monki, or & Other Stories, and just stare longingly at all the things I want but, as long as I’m in the US, I can’t have. COS has recently started shipping to the states, and are opening stores in New York and Beverly Hills this fall. I’m incredibly excited for this, but I’m also a bit miffed, because New York is ALSO getting & Other Stories, while us losers in Beverly Hills are not. I think if I had to choose I’d RATHER have & Other Stories, but I’m hopeful that eventually there will be an outpost on the left coast. They are going to start shipping across the US once the New York store is open, but it’s just not the same, you know? I want a brick and mortar store! I’m ready, & Other Stories, TAKE ALL MY MONEY!


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