What Is This Girl, Obsessed With Priming Things?

26 Aug

Living Proof Hair Primer: It Actually Works!I’m a beauty addict, sure, but that addiction stops short at hair. I just can’t be bothered with any hair maintenance that’s expensive or time consuming, or, to be honest, involves anything more than minimal effort. It’s not that I don’t want my hair to look good – I do – I just don’t want to make my hair look good. I remember reading that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had a hairstylist that lived with them while they were still teens that did their hair each morning, and I thought, “That sounds ideal and not at all extravagant. Were I a teen billionaire, I’d do the same.” Living Proof Prime Style Extender isn’t exactly like having a hairstylist live with you, but it’s about as close as us non-teen-billionaires can get.

Here’s the gist: Every 2-3 days I wash my hair with my super fancy shampoo and conditioner that I buy from the TJ Maxx clearance rack, then while it’s still wet, before I even comb it, I run a dollop of this miracle elixir through my hair, roots to ends. I comb it out with my beloved Sephora Wide Tooth Comb (which they no longer make and I’m PANICKED, GUYS), and blow dry with a round brush for my bangs, and nature’s brush (my hands) for the rest. I don’t even do a full blow dry, just enough that my bangs and roots are thoroughly cooked. That’s it. No more maintenance than that. The after-effect is hair that is shiny, smooth, and protected from dirt and grime that makes my second day hair gross and third day hair a nonstarter.

You don’t even need a lot of product. I have medium length hair, that’s relatively fine but dense, and I use about a quarter sized dollop for my whole head. I rub my hands together and work the product in around my face and the crown of my head, then sometimes I’ll add a teensy bit extra, if I feel it’s needed, to the bottom layer of my hair. I concentrate almost solely on my roots, as this is the “root” of my super oily scalp (HAR HAR). I figure when I comb out my hair the product will be distributed well enough throughout the rest of my hair.

This is like nothing I’ve ever put in my hair before. It’s lightweight to the point where you think it’ll do positively nothing, but then it just makes things… better. Remember when I went on and on about how great makeup primers are, because they take your makeup game to the next level? This is the same principle, but it’s a primer for your hair. Once you start with this Style Extender as your base, everything is improved. Even if I don’t use any other products or style my hair. This primer takes about three heartbeats to use and BOOM. Better everything.

In terms of Lazy Girl Hair Styling Secrets, I have another little trick up my sleeve, but that’s for Thursday’s post…

Living Proof Prime Style Extender: $20


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