That’s Why Her Hair’s So Big. It’s Full of Dry Shampoo.

28 Aug

NYM Dry Shampoo

It’s time for part two of my Week of Hairstyle Preservation! In this installment, I’m going to tell you about my current favorite dry shampoo. I consider myself a bit of a dry shampoo connoisseur. I’ve tried so, so many, and about 80% of them I find disappointing. As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, I won’t take great pains to style my hair, so I like my dry shampoo to be easily accessible (ie, available at Target), inexpensive, but still effective.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo fits the bill perfectly. In fact, according to their website (and Nielsen), its’ the #1 Dry Shampoo in the US. The price point is fantastic, especially considering it’s a product that actually does what it promises. I’ve tried some high-end dry shampoos, and, based on what I’ve tried, I don’t think there’s too much of an argument for going high-end. For me, the greasiest of grease-monsters, I find that even if I use dry shampoo, I still have to put my hair in an updo that day. So dry shampoo isn’t going to make my second day hair look like first day hair. It’s just not. I have accepted that. What I’m looking for is lift, and a slight amount of oil absorption, that will make me look decent enough to get through the day before washing my hair that night.

The way I like to dry shampoo is to apply it to my roots the night before, so that it can really sink in while I’m sleeping, and when I wake up in the morning I can comb it, fluff it up a bit, and tie it up into a topknot or ponytail. I section my hair and spray a light layer of dry shampoo at my roots, underneath the hair. This is the Great Dry Shampoo Secret. Under the hair! In sections!

Dry shampoo is also a great trick to adding volume to your hair, even if it’s freshly washed. I don’t think hair can possibly be big enough (hence my love of hot rollers), so this trick is a key part of my hair routine.

The one caveat to this recommendation is that I have light hair. I’ve never had the issue of white, powdery residue on my hair. I mean, maybe I have, but it doesn’t show up. So maybe this specific dry shampoo does that, maybe it’s completely transparent. I have no clue. I’ve never experienced anything but fantastic results. BUT, I do know that if you follow my tip of spraying UNDER your hair, at the roots, and sleep on your hair, it will significantly reduce your risk of waking up with artificial dandruff.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: $6


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